Take U.S. 1 Through Florida For An Incredible 545-Mile Scenic Adventure That Ends In Paradise

There is nothing quite as exhilarating as hopping in your car, putting on a playlist, rolling down the windows, and having nothing but the open road in front of you. Often, the perfect road trip experience involves food and friends — but most importantly — it should feature some truly incredible destinations.

If you have the itch to trek down to the tropical paradise that is the Florida Keys, then we have an exciting road trip experience for you that will highlight some hidden gems along the way. Enjoy driving along U.S. 1 to the Florida Keys on the highway that goes straight to the sea and is widely considered one of the best scenic drives in the USA.

Here’s a link to an interactive Google Map that will serve as a guide for this road trip. The journey along the coast is a long one, but whether you split it into one day or two, it will be an incredible ride!

So, who’s ready to make the ultimate trek down Florida’s east coast? The total drive time can take around 8 hours total from St. Augustine to the Florida Keys, but imagine the possibilities of adventure! Plus, if you want to add a few stops along the way as mentioned, this can turn into one memorable and thrilling off-the-paved-path experience.

Address: U.S. 1, Key West, FL, USA