A Florida Bakeshop In The Middle Of Nowhere, Yalaha Bakery Is One Of The Best On Earth

Somewhere in the middle of Central Florida sits a beautiful German bakery that serves up authentically sweet treats to all who visit. While it may be one heck of a drive to get to this bakery, we guarantee that once you see what they have to offer, you won’t be sorry. This remote bakery in Florida is full of delectable goods.

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Maybe you’re ready for more unique eats throughout our great state! If that’s the case, then take a look at the iconic restaurant in Florida that serves steaks to die for.

Address: 8210 County Rd 48, Yalaha, FL 34797, USA
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remote bakery in Florida

June 17, 2020

What are the best bakeries in Florida?

Craving something tasty? Then head to Penguin Pretzel Factory in New Port Richey. This unique destination is one of the best bakeries in Florida. You won’t just find traditional salted soft pretzels here. This exciting shop also sells pepperoni-stuffed pretzels, sandwiches on pretzel buns, and so much more. This is the perfect place to delight your taste buds. For more exceptional baked goods, visit La Parisienne Bakery in North Miami Beach. This enchanting eatery serves warm, fresh breads straight from the oven. As soon as you walk inside, you’ll be met with the wonderful smell of freshly baked treats.

What are the best donut shops in Florida?

Visiting Dandee Donut Factory is one of the best ways to start off your day. Believe us, they make some of the most delicious donuts in Florida. Savor the sweet confections and sip on a warm cup of coffee. It doesn’t get much better than this. For even more sweet treats, visit The Salty Donut in Miami. This bakeshop is known for their creative concoctions. Flavors rotate seasonally, so there’s always a reason to come back for more.

What are the best remote restaurants in Florida?

Delicious eats are worth going out of your way for. For a secluded romantic dinner, visit Latitudes Restaurant in Key West. This dreamy destination will make you feel like you’re on summer vacation. And it’s tucked away from the area’s typical hustle and bustle! If you want to get even more off the beaten path, visit Buckingham Farms in Fort Myers. This charming farm restaurant will completely relax you.

Address: 8210 County Rd 48, Yalaha, FL 34797, USA