Seafood places in Florida seem to come and go. Some don’t last a year, while others continued to be beloved for decades. For anyone who has visited Cortez Village, the historic fishing village along the Gulf Coast, you might already know about this beloved seafood spot that has withstood the test of time. Star Fish Company in Florida has been around for many years, making it the oldest restaurant in Florida’s Cortez Village. Who’s ready to feast on the best seafood in Florida?

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Get a closer look at the Star Fish Company in Florida:

Have you ever been to Florida’s Cortez Village before? Did you happen to stop and have a meal at Star Fish Company in Florida? Share with us your experience in the comments section. Or if you want more information about this historic restaurant, including current hours of operation, then check out the Star Fish Company.

Also, while you’re in the area, make sure you learn all about Florida’s Cortez Village and how it’s the last of its kind. Book a stay today to visit this wonderful place!

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