Nature Is Reclaiming This One Abandoned Florida Spot And It’s Actually Amazing

In Cape Romano near Marco Island in southwest Florida, an alien-looking structure is slipping away into the water. Some people think they resemble igloos or giant Scrubbing Bubbles. In actuality, the domes were built by a rather optimistic retired oil producer named Bob Lee in 1980. The six domes were rooms in the home, which was made of white-painted concrete and designed to withstand hurricanes. The home was also remarkably sustainable. It ran on solar power and collected rainwater that was cleaned and then used in the plumbing and appliances throughout the home.

The home was abandoned in 1992, and later sold in 2005. By then, the erosion of the island and the rising water level around the home was obvious. The new owner actually had plans to move the domes. Unfortunately, Hurricane Wilma struck soon after it was purchased. Even though the new owner never gave up hope of moving the home, it was deemed unsafe two years later, and the county demanded its demolition. The owner faced a fine of $187,000 in 2009 if the structure was not demolished. As you can see, the domes are still standing. But for how long?

Below are some photos of the domes, followed by a video showing the home during its construction up until the present day:

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