This Breathtaking Bridge In Delaware Has An Unexpected And Dark History

Travelers heading south from Rehoboth or Dewey Beach towards Bethany Beach can tell you about the Indian River Inlet bridge they cross on their way down the coast – how beautiful it is lit up in blue, how the views of the sunsets are among the best in the state, and how they hold their breath – even just a little bit – every single time they cross it.

Despite the fact that the bridge is brand new and it’s said that it will last 100 years, it’s hard to find someone in Delaware who fully trusts the Charles W. Cullen / Indian River Inlet Bridge because of its dark history and the difficulties of keeping a bridge over the small span from the Indian River into the Atlantic Ocean.

Next time you see the beautiful blue cables of the Indian River Inlet Bridge, think about the history and how difficult it was to plan and build, and you’ll appreciate it for more than its glowing light in the night.