The Story Behind This Evil Place In Connecticut Will Make Your Blood Turn Cold

How much evil can one place hold? Well, according to Ed and Lorraine Warren, the answer was a lot. They even wrote a book about it, “Graveyard,” which “chronicles a host of their most harrowing, fact-based cases of ghostly visitations, demonic stalking, heart-wrenching otherworldly encounters, and horrifying comeuppance from the spirit world.” The two were self-proclaimed”demonologists” who investigated the paranormal. They checked out a variety of haunted places in Connecticut. With over three hundred years of history and fifty years of reported ghost sightings, Union Cemetery in Connecticut is listed as one of the most haunted places in the entire country.

Want to see a haunting photo taken onsite? How about hearing the voice of the White Lady? These paranormal investigators think they have proof of the famous ghost. Decide for yourself, and share your opinions in the comments: do you think this is one of the most creepy cemeteries in Connecticut?

Union Cemetery is located at 1 Stepney Road, Easton, CT, 06612. Please be respectful of the site and keep in mind that it closes at sunset.

Believe it or not, this haunted locale still isn’t the most evil place in the state. While it’s certainly among the most creepy cemeteries in Connecticut, nowhere can compete with the cursed Dudleytown.

Address: Union Cemetery, Routes 59 and, CT-136, Easton, CT 06612, USA

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Haunted Places In Connecticut

September 30, 2021

What are some more haunted cemeteries in Connecticut?

We’ve got a number of creepy cemeteries in Connecticut. One that you definitely won’t want to visit after dark is Gunntown Cemetery in Naugatuck.This is allegedly one of the most haunted places in Connecticut. Many of the photos taken in the graveyard have mysterious floating orbs that are unidentifiable. Visitors report hearing creepy things, like dogs walking by, or children laughing. Want even more unsettling cemeteries in Connecticut? Check out this list of ten, if you dare!

Are there any Connecticut ghost stories?

We have quite a few ghost stories in Connecticut. With a history as long as ours, it goes without saying that there are a lot of stories to be told here. Many places are rumored to be haunted, and we’re even the famed source of the 2009 horror film “A Haunting in Connecticut.”

Are there any abandoned places in Connecticut of note?

In the past, the treatment of mental illness was unfortunately not very progressive. Patients were often locked away in insane asylums and suffered horrific care. Thankfully, in the last few decades, many of these hospitals have closed down. The buildings are frequently left abandoned. Connecticut has several of its own, including the Norwich State Hospital. Before the buildings were razed, they were said to be quite haunted.

Address: Union Cemetery, Routes 59 and, CT-136, Easton, CT 06612, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.