Tiny But Mighty, The Smallest State Park In Connecticut Is A Hidden Gem Worth Exploring

When it comes to state parks, you may think bigger is better. We won’t deny it – massive spots like the 26,477-acre Pachaug State Forest are pretty amazing. There’s so much to explore, and with all that space, you can feel miles away from everyone. But there are plenty of small state parks in Connecticut that are also worthy of exploration. Ever find yourself wondering what the smallest state park in Connecticut is? Minnie Island State Park lies in New London County’s Gardner Lake and it measures just .88 acres in area – barely bigger than the average backyard! This remote park is only reachable by boat. Check it out:

For a first-hand look at Minnie Island State Park, check out Youtube user Matt Woodward‘s video:

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Address: Minnie Island State Park, Oakdale, CT 06370, USA