The Most Unique Campground In Connecticut That’s Pure Magic

There are plenty of great hotels in Connecticut, and we love checking out all the unique Airbnbs we have here in the Nutmeg State. But there’s something particularly special about camping at a campground in Connecticut. Sure, the luxury that can be found in some hotels is phenomenal, but campgrounds offer an opportunity to get in touch with nature that you won’t find at even the most unique of hotels. One of our favorite campgrounds in Connecticut is the magical Riverdale Farm Campsite. This place is so charming, with gorgeous natural surroundings, perfect amenities, and so many friendly faces to meet.

You can learn more about Riverdale Farm Campsites, including rates and a schedule of events, on the campground’s website.

Have you ever visited Riverdale Farm Campsites? What’s your favorite campground in Connecticut? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Address: Riverdale Farm Campsite, 111 River Rd, Clinton, CT 06413, USA