The Lasagna From Lorenzo’s Restaurant Is So Good That The Recipe Hasn’t Changed Since 1926

In today’s world of constant business closures and corporate takeovers, it can be hard to support family-owned small businesses. It seems like mom and pop restaurants are closing down left and right, with new chains popping up on every corner. One of the great things about the Nutmeg State is how many long-standing small businesses we still have left. One place we love supporting is the delicious Lorenzo’s Restaurant in Sandy Hook. This little Italian restaurant is little more than a shack and certainly doesn’t look like much. Amazingly, it has been around for 95 years and the lasagna is so good that it hasn’t changed since the restaurant opened!


For more information about this tasty place, including a menu, check out Lorenzo’s website.

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Address: Lorenzo's Restaurant, 229 Riverside Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482, USA