This Restaurant In Connecticut Used To Be A Jail And You’ll Want To Visit

Most of us don’t actively look for reasons to go to jail. It’s not exactly a popular vacation destination or somewhere that people generally like spending time. But what if we told you there was a jail in Connecticut that’s now a gourmet pub? There’s a two-story residential home in Middletown that looks completely ordinary, but nearly 200 years ago, it was home to the Pameacha Jailhouse. It’s now the delicious Harrie’s Jailhouse, which is one jail you wouldn’t mind being sent to!

For more information about this restaurant that used to be a jail in Connecticut, check out the Harrie’s Jailhouse website or Facebook page.

Have you ever eaten at Harrie’s Jailhouse? Share your experiences in the comments – it’s one of the best spots for outdoor dining in the Nutmeg State.

Address: Harrie's Jailhouse, 51 Warwick St, Middletown, CT 06457, USA

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