If you’re a lover of all things Connecticut, you already know what a great state this is. Connecticut will always be first in our hearts, but it also stands true that there are quite a few things CT did first. This tiny state often gets forgotten, but the truth is that we have a long-standing history in Connecticut. America has a lot of things to thank us for: The list of CT inventions is practically endless! Of course, that makes sense, as we’re one of the oldest states. Without further ado, here’s a list of Connecticut firsts that just might blow your mind.

Did you know about these Connecticut firsts? It’s pretty incredible that Connecticut was the first to do these things! Do you know of any other things CT did first? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Connecticut Was The First To Do These Things

What are some more inventions from Connecticut?

There were actually quite a few things CT did first!:

  • Lollipops were invented in New Haven, CT in 1908.
  • The lever-type can opener that we use today was invented in Waterbury, CT in 1858.
  • Silly Putty was invented in New Haven, CT in the early 1940s.


What are some more fun facts about Connecticut?

  • Essex, CT is one of just a few American cities that's been invaded by a foreign power. It was held by the British for a few hours during the War of 1812.
  • The state insect of Connecticut, the praying mantis, is not actually native to the Nutmeg State.
  • Though Connecticut is the third-smallest state by land mass, it's the fifth most densely-populated state!

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