Satisfy Your Cravings With A Visit To Connecticut’s Decades Old Roadside Burger Joint, Clamp’s Hamburger Stand

If you grew up in Connecticut, you’ve probably heard of Clamp’s. Clamp’s Burger Stand is a roadside burger stop that’s been a true New Milford institution since 1939. As far as hidden gems go, Clamp’s is as about as under-the-radar as you can get unless you’re in the know. With no big signs, no real address, and no phone, this burger stand is still bringing in customers by the dozen to get a taste. You’ll find Clamp’s once you see the line of cars on Route 202, and once you try their hamburgers, you’ll also be a fan for life.

Have you ever had a classic burger at Clamp’s? Do you have fond memories of visiting this burger stand? We’d love to hear all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

Address: 518 Litchfield Rd, New Milford, CT 06776, USA