Treat Yourself To A Delicious Brunch And Craft Brew With A Rustic Ambiance At The Beamhouse In Connecticut

There is something special about Connecticut that invites the artistic spirit in every form. Some of the most brilliant artists and writers have had the privilege of calling Connecticut home. This artistry isn’t only limited to the creative arts. One of the most important intricate parts of craftsmanship goes into the creation of delectable meals and the ambiance of restaurants such as The Beamhouse in Glastonbury.

From wood-fired pies to roasted duck breast, each dish at The Beamhouse is a visual and taste-satisfying work of art. Make your reservations or order online by visiting The Beamhouse website or call (860) 430-6922.

Address: The Beamhouse, 917 New London Turnpike, Glastonbury, CT 06033, USA