11 Laws Every Coloradan Has Probably Unknowingly Broken At Least Once

I pride myself on three things: my family, my novelty mug collection, and my clean record… actually, scratch that last thing. Come to find out, I have (unknowingly) broken several laws in my day – and you may have too – thanks to these 11 bizarre and virtually unknown Colorado laws:

So maybe I was kidding about breaking some of these (who actually owns a catapult and why would anyone throw missiles at a car? How does one even affix a taillight to a cat?), but I may or may not have unknowingly committed a few others… I plead the fifth.

How many of these weird laws have you accidentally broken? (If it’s the missile one, we’re worried about you. Please don’t do this.) Share your thoughts – and any other weird Colorado laws you know of – in the comments below!

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