The Little Known Place In Colorado That Is Home To Some Of The Oldest State Artifacts

Colorado is home to countless historic sites and prehistoric dwellings… but can you name the oldest? No, it isn’t Mesa Verde, Chimney Rock, or the Canyons of the Ancients, but that of the Lindenmeier Site! Located in Larimer County, the Lindenmeier Site is home to the world’s most extensive Folsom culture campsite, which dates back to 10,600 to 10,720 B.P., and has uncovered such incredible artifacts as make-shift tools, pieces of hematite thought to have been used for face paint, and even intricate works of art by the Paleo-Indians. Today, this National Historic Landmark — which is located within the Soapstone Prairie Natural Area — is open to the public and can be visited March 1st through November 30th from dawn ’til dusk.

Ready to get a firsthand look at the area for yourself? Check out this beautiful drone footage from our friends at Colorado State University:

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