What Is Hiding Beneath This Denver Park Will Haunt Your Dreams

Cheesman Park is one of the Mile High City’s most traditionally haunted locales, and whether you believe the grossly exaggerated urban legends or not, the truth is, what’s hidden beneath this Denver park is truly haunting and utterly disturbing. Just below the lush grasses and vibrant gardens of the park are the remains of an estimated 2,000 unclaimed corpses, desecrated bodies, and restless spirits who reportedly emerge from unmarked graves and make their presence known to unsuspecting visitors and nearby residents in their anxious search for a final resting place. On moonlit nights, mournful moans are heard, eerie cold spots are felt, and shadowy figures are seen hovering ever so lightly above the earth, only to vanish into thin air when approached. Should you find yourself at Cheesman Park after dark, keep your eyes peeled for ghastly ghostly figures and your ears perked for mysterious whispers.

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