The Creepy Story Behind This Denver Landmark Will Send Shivers Up Your Spine

If you have traveled in or out of Denver International Airport over the last ten years, you probably noticed a large and somewhat daunting sculpture standing tall over Peña Boulevard… but just what is the point of Blue Mustang (yes; that is his real name)? And how did he earn the eerie nickname of “Blucifer”? Here is the creepy and (unfortunately) true story behind this iconic Denver landmark:

Originally commissioned by Denver International Airport in 1993, Blue Mustang is a 32-foot tall, 9,000 pound cast-fiberglass sculpture that was designed by American sculptor Luis Jimenez. In 2006 (two years before the sculptures debut), Jimenez was hard at work on his creation when a section fell on top of him, which severed an artery in his leg and killed him. After his death, “Blucifer” was completed by Jimenez’s family and friends, and was officially unveiled at DIA on February 11, 2008. Since then, Blue Mustang has drawn criticism from both near and far, resulting in petitions and heated debates, with the most famous being from a Denver real estate developer and her (now dismantled) website and Facebook page. Whether or not you like the unique piece, Blue Mustang isn’t going anywhere soon, as the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs has yet to receive any official requests to dismantle the sculpture.

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