Thanks to ample outdoor opportunities and an inability to sit still, Colorado is considered one of the country’s healthiest states. Despite this, however, folks still like to enjoy a great meal and, thankfully, have easy access to some of the best restaurants in the country, so much so that the Denver food scene has earned the city honors as one of the best foodie cities in America. Read on to learn more:

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The Denver Food Scene

What food is Denver known for?

The answer to “What food is Denver known for?” is expansive, as there are numerous iconic foods in the Mile High City. Among them are street tacos, smothered burritos, green chiles, cheeseburgers, and, of course, the famous Rocky Mountain Oysters!

Where can we find the best steakhouses in Denver?

Steakhouses in Denver are hugely popular, as the city and state are really big on their meats. A few of the best steakhouses in the city include:


Are there any food festivals in Denver?

Yes! As you might imagine, in a foodie town like this there are loads of food festivals in Denver. Among the biggest and most delicious are: