Relax All Your Worries Away At These 21 Jaw-Dropping Hot Springs In The U.S.

There’s little more satisfying than relaxing in a steaming hot tub on a chilly day, except perhaps relaxing in a steaming hot spring on a chilly day. Consider the best hot springs in the U.S. to be Mother Nature’s mic drop; no matter the season, natural hot springs offer soothing, warm waters in the most sublime scenic settings. All across the U.S., you’ll find hot springs to fit every type of adventure, whether you’re looking to take a quick, post-hike dip or a lavish, spa-like experience.

From Alaskan springs that offer front-row seats to the northern lights to a national park that’s world-renowned for its geothermal waters, these jaw-dropping hot springs in the U.S. offer the best, most unrivaled, incomparable, bucket-list-worthy experiences.

Natural Hot Springs In The U.S.

There’s nothing better than a soak in one of these natural hot springs in the U.S., some of which invite emboldened guests to go au natural!

Best Hot Springs Resorts

The combination of these thermal springs and resort amenities is sure to take your hot springs experience to the next level.

Best State Park Hot Springs

For those looking to dip their toes into the wonderful world of hot springs, state parks offer an accessible and affordable way to do just that. From rustic to resort-level, here are the best state park hot springs in the country:

Best Hot Springs In The Eastern U.S.

When discussing the best hot springs in America, the West is well-represented. The Eastern half of the country, however, is also home to some magnificent springs which, whether you visit for a mild winter getaway or warm summer day trip, give their Western brethren a run for the money.

Best Hot Springs in the Northeast US

Picture this: a cold winter’s day in the Green Mountains, snow falling whilst soaking in a deliciously hot natural spring. This is real life at these swoon-worthy hot springs in the Northeast!

The next time you’re looking for a relaxing retreat, consider Mother Nature’s very own spas. These are some of the best hot springs in the U.S., and they’re all on standby, ready to soak away your every ache and pain in some of the most sublime and scenic places in the country.

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Best Hot Springs in the U.S.

February 15, 2023

Where are the most hot springs in the U.S.?

To find the most hot springs in the U.S., visit Hot Springs National Park. Home to no less than 47 hot springs, Hot Springs National Park packs a big punch of thermal waters and spas within its 5,500 acres (this Arkansas wonder is the smallest national park in the US, in fact). The tradition of visiting the hot springs in this park vastly predates national park status. The Native Americans who lived in the area centuries ago called the springs the "Valley of the Vapors" and valued the springs for their healing properties. Today guests are invited to come and wander Bathhouse Row, a series of beautiful old buildings where you can enjoy the soothing waters of the springs.

What are the biggest hot springs in the U.S.?

The biggest hot springs in the U.S. can be found in Colorado, if you're looking to actually soak in it. The largest hot spring in the U.S. to view is located in Wyoming.

  • Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is the home of the world's largest mineral hot springs pool. In fact, this Colorado hot spring is one of many in the Centennial State, a state that's teeming with these naturally soothing pools!
  • Idaho is home to the most hot springs for soaking in the US, while Nevada is home to the most hot springs in the US.


What are the best hot springs for camping in the U.S.?

The best hot springs with camping in the U.S. can be found in many states throughout the country.

Additionally, you can refer to state/national park sites and KOAs for camping near the most of the aforementioned hot springs in the US.