This Tiny Town In Arkansas Is Hiding The World’s Best Pie Shop

We’re almost as surprised as you are that so many of the world’s best foods can be found in Arkansas. But after having a bite of the world’s best pizza, biscuits, or steak, there’s no denying that Arkansans just know how to make great food. Ms. Lena’s Pie Shop may be hiding in the tiny town of De Valls Bluff but it’s well worth the drive to taste the world’s best pies. Let’s head to the delta for a downright delicious experience.

To keep up with what flavors are currently available (and if the fried pies have made a triumph return yet), just follow the Ms. Lena Pie Shop Facebook Page.

If you’d like to hear Kim & Vivian’s interview with Southern Foods, you can listen right here:


Have you had the honor of tasting one of the best pies in the world from Ms. Lena’s? Share your divine experience with us in the comments below!

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