The Best Biscuits In America Can Be Found In Small Town Arkansas

It’s not a widely known fact, but Arkansas actually has a sixth food group: the comfort foods. Any state native will agree that the comfort food group with its subcategories stick-to-your-bones and just-like-grandma’s, are a vital part to becoming a true Arkansan. Most of us begin fulfilling this dietary “need” with biscuits and gravy. Since biscuits are so essential, nearly every little cafe and diner serve this delicious breakfast item perfectly fluffy. It’s hard to pick a favorite. But some of the best biscuits in the state, quite possibly in the nation, can be eaten in the small town of Ash Flat at Meacham’s. Let’s take a look at their famous, over-sized biscuits.

Have you had the pleasure of eating some of the biggest, most delicious biscuits in the state? Or do you fancy another biscuit-servin’ eatery? Share with us in the comments below!

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