11 Quirky Facts About Arkansas That Sound Made Up, But Are 100% Accurate

The 42nd president, Walmart, and Johnny Cash are a few things that Arkansas is known for. And if you’re a local, chances are, you’ve heard of the Boggy Creek monster, the Dover Lights, or the legend of Blowing Cave. While we can’t confirm any of these tales, they are still interesting things that make the state unique. But there are also a few quirky facts about Arkansas that may sound too good to be true, and some of them might surprise you. Here are 11 weird facts about our state that are nothing but the truth.

Well folks, there are lots of other quirky facts about Arkansas that could have been included. So, go ahead and sound off in the comments on the ones that we missed. 

These weird facts are fun, but you’ve gotta check out these frightening legends in Arkansas that will give you nightmares.  

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