Most People Have No Idea There’s An Underwater Ghost Town Hiding Here In Arkansas

From 1901 to the mid-1930s, Monte Ne was a planned community featuring a resort. Today, well, it’s a pretty good place to go fishing. The man who was in charge of Monte Ne, former Liberty Party presidential candidate William Hope “Coin” Harvey, apparently wasn’t great at managing coins. The project went bankrupt and was sold off in lots. Many of the structures still standing were flooded when the White River was dammed to create Beaver Lake in 1964. Today, Monte Ne is an incredibly intriguing underwater town in Arkansas.

Check out this video for some cool drone footage of Oklahoma Row and the lake that surrounds it:

Monte Ne may be the most well-known (or only? We can’t say for sure…) underwater town in Arkansas, but it’s not the only ghost town in the Natural State. For other forsaken towns in the state, check out this list of Arkansas ghost towns.

And if you are looking for more reasons why everyone should visit Beaver Lake in Arkansas, allow us to convince you!

Address: Monte Ne, Monte NE, AR 72758, USA
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Underwater Town in Arkansas

July 12, 2022

What’s the most famous ghost town in Arkansas?

Monte Ne is a totally unforgettable underwater ghost town in Arkansas, but it’s not the only abandoned town in the Natural State — not even close! These ghost towns in Arkansas are creepy little locales where time stands still, and ghost hunters come and search for remnants from another time … including spirits who might still be lurking about! Some of the state’s well-known ghost towns include Arkansas County, Bolding, Bruno, Daleville, and Eros; however, in terms of the most legendary and famous ghost town in Arkansas, that award goes to the abandoned zinc mining town of Rush in the Ozark Mountains. The town once played a key role in modernizing and developing the area’s infrastructure; today, empty houses and mining ruins are all that remain. And while they can be a bit off-putting to many who are afraid of abandoned structures untouched by nature for years, others find the ruins absolutely intriguing. We happen to think Rush is both, and truly a most hauntingly beautiful reminder of what Arkansas once was.

What are some other abandoned places in Arkansas?

Does it get any creepier than an abandoned asylum? We sure don’t think so! Historical and haunting, the Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium resides just outside of Booneville. The buildings are towering reminders of the death and disease that reigned the nation not too long ago. The sanatorium museum routinely gives guided talks and you can “peruse” the space from your phone or computer when you check out our feature article on this abandoned Arkansas asylum.

Address: Monte Ne, Monte NE, AR 72758, USA