There’s No Chapel In The World Like This One In Arkansas

Recognized by many as the most notable of all Arkansas structures, Thorncrown Chapel has won a number of prestigious design awards and is considered a masterwork of American architecture. The chapel, which opened in 1980, was designed in mind to provide a location for visitors to relax, reflect and meditate.



Located in Eureka Springs, Thorncrown Chapel is an exceptional example of designer E. Fay Jones’s Ozark style, a tribute to mentor Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Prairie School’ architecture. This style was a late 19th and early 20th-century type of architecture popular in the Midwest. Jones was inspired to use his own technique, utilizing materials found only in northwestern Arkansas to construct the chapel.

YouTube/Robert Nyp

The chapel, which is glass-enclosed, is designed much like an open pavillion where travelers can enjoy a peaceful and quiet setting. The space and light throughout the chapel connects worshippers and visitors with nature. The surrounding forest is always in view no matter where you sit or stand. Simplicity of structure is one of Thorncrown Chapel’s many endearing qualities.


Thorncrown Chapel is an excellent place to visit in a town that’s known as one of America’s most enchanting places. It’s pretty notable when a structure built in 1980 has already made the National Register of Historic Places, because usually the honor is bestowed upon buildings that are more than 50 years old. Take some time to meditate and enjoy nature at the chapel next time you take a trip to Eureka Springs, and don’t forget your camera!