The haunted railroad tracks in Crossett were recently mentioned in one of our articles on haunted locations across Arkansas. As the local legend has it, a swinging light seems to be moving up and down the tracks here as if a disembodied spirit held the light in its hands as it walked the tracks.

Local residents claim that the source of this ghostly light is the spirit of a man who was hit by the train and decapitated. His ghost is said to be searching for his head. Some claim that folks who are standing on the tracks will see the light coming toward them. The light disappears when it gets close, then reappears on the other side of whoever’s there at the tracks, the light then continuing on its way after the brief encounter. The people in this video had a strange experience at the Crossett railroad tracks and happened to get the footage on camera – examine this video closely…

Okay, now you be the judge, Arkansas. What just happened here? Are the Crossett railroad tracks haunted? Is the light just an ordinary sight on the track or is there something a little paranormal going on in this area?

Many of our readers don’t put much stock into the supernatural, and that’s perfectly fine. However, a lot of others here in the Natural State would like a rational explanation for what’s going on in this video! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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