The Most Haunted Hotel In America Can Be Found Right Here In Arkansas

Do you dare spend a night at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs? Many have checked into this historic hotel, and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience—from ghost hunting to exploring the lovely hotel grounds.


The 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, originally established as a resort hotel for well-heeled tourists, was plagued with mismanagement in its early years. After being remodeled into a series of educational institutions from 1908 to 1934, the hotel finally found its footing as a summer resort. A new owner, millionaire radio personality Norman G. Baker, then redesigned the hotel as a health resort and hospital in 1937. Baker’s dream of being viewed as a medical visionary came to a halt in 1940 and the hotel was ownerless again until 1940. A revolving door of various owners and mishaps (one involving a fire in 1967 that nearly destroyed the hotel) lasted for decades until stable ownership came in 1997 at the hands of Marty and Elise Roenigk. The Roenigks embarked upon a restoration and renovation of the Crescent that lasted six years. After the official reopening, reports of strange occurences began to happen…and they were very paranormal in nature, indeed.

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The Crescent Hotel is referred to as “America’s Most Haunted Hotel”, and numerous visitors and staff back the claim up with stories of having witnessed the activity of at least eight spirits on the premises. The ghost of Norman Baker, the millionaire broadcaster who purchased the hotel and dreamed of being a medical visionary, has been spotted. A number of Baker’s patients from the late 1930s, some suffering from severe illnesses such as cancer, have been seen in apparition form. A young woman who was said to have jumped to her death from a balcony during the time the hotel was converted to a girls’ conservatory has also been seen in her ghostly form. A number of child spirits as well as that of medical and construction staff have been reportedly seen at the Crescent too.

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The fame of the lengendary haunted hotel has spread nationwide. After years of reports of paranormal activity, the television program Ghost Hunters finally took a trip to the Crescent Hotel in 2005 and found actual evidence of spirits wandering the grounds. Ever since the airing of the show, tourists from all over are checking in at the Crescent to see what sort of exploring they can do while getting away from the humdrum of everyday, normal, expected situations. Set your reservation at the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa and get your courage up for a few nights of ghost hunting.