This Is What Arkansas Looked Like In 1935. Wow!

We love looking at and learning more about Arkansas history, especially when it’s caught on camera. It’s almost as if we take photographs for granted since they’re so commonplace in the 21st century. It’s worthwhile to cherish these photographs from 1935. Everything had value in days when people had so little. Depression-era photographers Arthur Rothstein and Ben Shahn are much appreciated for taking pictures throughout the summer and autumn of 1935 of Arkansas homes and families, sharing with us a part of the past that absolutely must be remembered.

For those Arkansans who lived during these times, keep sharing your inspirational stories! Generations to come will be eager to know about this bygone era and how strong their forebears had to be to endure nearly insurmountable and difficult situations. The question also still remains: What traits of these strong people still remain in modern day Arkansas residents?