This Unique Restaurant In Arkansas Will Give You An Unforgettable Dining Experience

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, the Parachute Inn is no longer in business.

Atmosphere is everything at the Parachute Inn in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. There aren’t many other locations in America where you can have a full service meal on a plane without paying first class prices—and you never have to leave the ground. The biggest attraction about the Parachute Inn (located on 10 Skywatch) is that the restaurant is located inside a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737, with the interior restored to the plane’s original design.

YouTube/Trinity Turret

What’s on the menu? Great Southern style cooking is served at the Parachute Inn, and this is a much better alternative to a bag of complimentary peanuts. Diners can even stow their belongings in overhead bins, making their experience more authentic to that of being on a plane that’s about to take off. Seafood and steak are the stars among the entrees; both the catfish and fried chicken are said to be a must-try on the menu. The dessert bar also has a nice selection of sweet treats as well.

YouTube/Brian Noles

The unique quality of the Parachute Inn has attracted international media attention. The restaurant has been featured in USA Today as well as The Dallas Morning News. Even media outlets as far off as England have discovered the Parachute Inn. Global media site Splash News also has made mention of the restaurant. The restaurant deserves the attention—because not only is the service great, but the food is delicious and the overall concept of the restaurant is truly fun.

YouTube/Arkansas Living

Try the Parachute Inn when you’re looking for something different for a date night or a family outing at a restaurant. You’ll definitely have a good memory of the time you saw a full-service buffet on a plane instead of the usual snack and drink cart.