One Of The Largest Natural Bridges In The World, Rainbow Bridge, Is A Stunning Destination Near The Arizona-Utah Border

Some of Arizona’s best attractions… aren’t actually in Arizona at all. Just south of the border with Utah lies one of the largest natural bridges on earth, Rainbow Bridge National Monument, and its grandeur definitely needs to be experienced to be fully understood. It’s the world’s largest natural bridge in Arizona that’s not even in Arizona (whew!).

Rainbow Bridge may be operating with reduced hours or other temporary restrictions, so visit the National Park Service website to learn more. Have you ever visited Rainbow Bridge National Monument? If so, tell us all about your experience! Check out our previous article to learn about another breathtaking natural wonder in the area: The Easy Trail In Arizona That Will Take You To The Top Of The World.

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Address: Lake Powell, UT 84533, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

World's Largest Natural Bridge in Arizona

December 17, 2021

What are some weird places in Arizona?  

Arizona is a beautiful state, but don’t let that fool you – it’s totally weird in all the best ways possible, too. For example, Arizona is home to numerous ghost towns, allegedly haunted towns, historical locations and buildings, and so much more. There are some pretty unusual places peppered all over these locales, like the entire town of Jerome, for example. Most of it is said to be haunted and once upon a time it was a booming, will western mining town. The Grand Hotel in Jerome was once an insane asylum, and now it’s a hotel – definitely worth checking out! The entire town of Sedona is thought by many to have mystical powers, including but not limited to healing energy vortices among the red rocks. If urban exploration is more your thing, you can’t miss the totally-weird-but-totally-rad Casa Grande Domes, or the strange community of Arcosanti. You should also check out the remains of once-booming towns along Route 66!  

Are there any interesting roadside attractions in Arizona?  

Arizona is a state with plentiful, beautiful desert, and plenty of bizarre roadside attractions that even the locals have to check out at least once in their lives. Quite probably the most famous (or infamous) roadside attraction in Arizona is THE THING?, which is nestled in southern Arizona near Willcox. What IS THE THING? Guess you’ll just have to find out by visiting, eh? There’s also Historic Route 66, which has plenty of cute roadside motels, towns, rest stops, and more, which makes for a great “roadside attractions” road trip! In Williams, there’s a weird campground themed after The Flintstones, and in Oracle, you can find a literal working biosphere seemingly in the middle of nowhere. For more information about each of these ideas and then some, make sure to check out this article for some of the best roadside attractions in Arizona 

Address: Lake Powell, UT 84533, USA