You’ll Never Believe What Unsettling Secret Is Hidden All Over The Arizona Desert

Driving through the quiet desert landscape around Tuscon, Arizona, you would never know you were cruising through what was once among the most heavily guarded sites in the world.

Slumbering just beneath the earth, a silent army of nuclear warheads waited for the outbreak of armageddon during the Cold War. The missiles were stored in massive underground silos, which were constructed in the early 1960s and closed in the early 1980s. Today, the area is home to one of the most mind-blowing destinations in the state.

The Titan Missile Museum actually has a more formal name: Air Force Facility Missile Site 8. More than a collection of Cold War memorabilia, this museum is actually located inside a decommissioned missile silo. The site is no longer run by the government but managed by the nonprofit Arizona Aerospace Foundation. Read on to learn more about this incredible museum and how you can explore a real nuclear missile silo.

If you’re interested in knowing where all the Arizona Titan missile silos are, check out this amazing map. Who knows? You could be living right next door to a sleeping giant.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

In the mood for more amazing shots of this nation’s hidden and abandoned missile silos? Check out these incredible, rare photos of silos across the country, and be sure to watch the video exploration of one of the coolest abandoned sites we’ve ever seen. Thanks to YouTube user “The Unknown Cameraman” for the awesome footage.

It’s crazy to consider the implications of the use of these silos. Did you know about all the missile silos scattered around Arizona? Have you been to the museum? Let us know.