The History Behind This Remote Hotel In Arizona Is Both Eerie And Fascinating

The tiny town of Jerome, Arizona is widely known for its ghostly haunts. In fact, many tales circulate about the haunts and the haunted places in this small town of fewer than 500 residents. But perhaps the most jolting of them all are the ghosts and paranormal occurrences that are seen or occur so regularly at the Jerome Grand Hotel that the ghosts here are almost as famous as the town itself. The history behind this haunted structure is nearly as fascinating as the ghosts. Take a look:

From its beginnings as a sanctuary for healing, to its current role as a sanctuary for a peaceful (albeit, haunted) getaway, the Jerome Grand Hotel is both eerie and fascinating. Have you stayed at this haunted hotel yet? And did you experience any paranormal activity? We’d love to hear all about it!

Jerome, Arizona is located approximately 70 miles southwest of Flagstaff and approximately 100 miles north of Phoenix. The Jerome Grand Hotel is located at 200 Hill S., Jerome, Arizona 86331. More information can be found in their official website and on their Facebook page.