Take This Road To Nowhere In Arizona To Get Away From It All

In the society we live in today, stress comes easily. In no time, you can find yourself worried over anything: work, relationships, traffic, bills. One of the best ways to combat that stress? Temporarily remove yourself from environmental stressors and spend some time alone to reflect on what’s going on in your life. Some people do this through journaling, going for a run, or, in some cases, driving.

An article in Men’s Health described that act of taking a life lunch break to do something enjoyable by yourself can actually be restorative to one’s physical and mental health. So why not pair a long drive some beautiful scenery like what you’ll find along State Route 89A.


For your convenience, check out these driving directions on Google Maps. The directions start just south of Flagstaff and will lead you through the Verde Valley down to the outskirts of Prescott Valley and Prescott. So, let’s check out a few of the landscape highlights you’ll encounter on this drive to put you in a calmer state of mind. Don’t forget to take a moment to pull over to admire the view!

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