Not Many People Realize That These 6 Things Are Actually Illegal In Arizona

In the past, we’ve reviewed some weird laws that are commonly said to exist in Arizona. Most of those listed were just urban legends, but a few managed to actually grace Arizona’s law books, much to our amusement. Let’s take a good look at several more strange laws that have actually existed (or currently exist), and some other fun facts about Arizona laws.

How many of these strange laws did you know of? Are there any oddball favorites of yours we missed? Be sure to share your thoughts here or on our Facebook fan page.

Address: Arizona, USA
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Weird Laws in Arizona

June 28, 2021

What are some strange things about Arizona?  

Arizona a beautiful state filled with the weird and wonderful, and we’re so excited to share it with the world! For example, we’re home to the largest and most well-preserved meteor crater in the world, known as…well, Meteor Crater. That’s easy enough to remember! We’re also home to some of the most supposedly haunted places in the world, like the infamous wild west town of Tombstone, and Jerome, which is said to be the most haunted place in the entire state. Arizona was also the place where one of the most infamous alien abductions in history occurred, which inspired the film Fire In The Sky. Interested in some things that make Arizonans a little weirder than the rest? Check this article out for more.

What are some fun facts about Arizona?  

Arizona is a fun place with lots of fun facts to go around. Did you know that it’s also known as the Valentine’s Day state, since its statehood was made official on February 14,1912? It’s true! We’re the copper capital of the US as well, and there are still several active mines operating today. We’re also chock-full of awesome ghost towns, and we were once the heart of the wild, wild west. You can still visit a lot of towns that were alive and well back in those days, like Jerome, Tombstone, and more.  

What are some weird illegal things in Arizona? 

Every state has laws that make you wonder just why exactly that needed to be made into law, and Arizona is no exception. Did you know it’s illegal to hunt camels here? Yeah… you know. Just in case that was on your to-do list, maybe don’t. It’s also illegal to own more than four dogs, though that’s not exactly enforced at all (and we’re not sure it ever was). We’re also home to the “stupid motorist” law, which isn’t exactly weird, per se, but it is unique: should you drive your car into floodwater and require rescue, the stupid motorist law requires that you foot the bill for said rescue. Turn around – don’t drown!  

Address: Arizona, USA