Here Are The 10 Most Dangerous Towns In Arizona To Live In

Yesterday, we highlighted some of the safest towns and cities in Arizona. Today, we figured we would go in the opposite direction and profile some of the places you are more likely to be the victim of a crime. We used the same techniques to calculate crime rate and you may be surprised by some of the places on the list. Or, rather, the places not included, such as Phoenix. The largest city in the state did have the greatest number of reported crimes but when compared to its population it only had 46 reported crimes per 1000 residents, making it the 18th most dangerous city.

The majority of the crimes committed show that Arizonans might have a problem keeping their hands off items that don’t belong to them, resulting in a high rate of property crimes. The most popular crime was larceny-theft with 129,979 reports statewide. This can include shoplifting, stealing from vending machines, or stealing vehicle parts. It also differs from robbery (which requires physical force) and burglary (which requires unlawfully entering property). Check out which cities made the list.

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