This Mexican Restaurant In Arizona Was Named The BEST In The Nation…And You’ll Want To Visit

Arizona’s Mexican food scene is expansive and diverse. You can find the Sonoran-style dishes that most Arizonans associate with the cuisine, TexMex, New Mexican, street food, fast food, Mexico City-style, Oaxacan, and even some of the bland stuff that out-of-staters tend to enjoy. Like most cuisines, it is always evolving and once in awhile a restaurant pops up that really takes the state by storm. One restaurant that has consistently done that? Barrio Cafe, which was also just named the best Mexican restaurant in the country by food community and blog, Tabelog.

That food looks quite tasty! If you’re in the mood for Mexican in other areas of the state, check out our articles on where to get delicious chimichangas and tacos.