The Story Behind This Abandoned Old West Attraction In Arizona Is Downright Intriguing

Drive down any Arizona highway and you’re bound to come across abandoned sites. The dusty foundations of ghost towns and once prominent businesses are now decaying under the hot sun. We’ve highlighted a fair number of these places in the past and today we’re adding yet another fun-filled location to that list! Let’s check it out.

Fort Courage is located just off Old Route 66 on North Frontage Road in Houck. You can find its location via this Google Maps link. Please note:Tthe attraction now sits behind a chain link fence and has been rapidly decaying in the last few years, so we do not recommend attempting to enter the premises.

If you want to read about another fascinating abandoned place in Arizona that you can actually explore, we suggest checking out the Gold King Mansion near Kingman. Read more about it in 8 Staggering Photos Of An Abandoned Mansion Hiding In Arizona.