These 13 Photos Of Arizona From The Early 1900s Are Beyond Fascinating

Have you ever wondered what life would have been like in previous eras? It’s always fun to imagine how your own life might have played out in a previous decade or century—who might you have been and what would your life have looked like, especially here in Arizona.

Well, life in Arizona would have been strikingly different just over a century ago. It only received statehood in 1912, there was no air conditioning, and your primary mode of transportation would have been your own feet with a horse or burro a close second. Let’s take a look at some photos of life in the early 1900s here in Arizona.

Those were some fascinating photos, don’t you think? Which photo stood out to you most? If you want to see more interesting photos, you might want to see some of the Great Depression. You can see a selection of photos shot around the state in 25 Rare Photos Taken In Arizona During The Great Depression.