This Is The Oldest Place You Can Possibly Go In Arizona And Its History Will Fascinate You

Arizona is home to the oldest continuously inhabited community in the U.S. It is believed to have begun between 900 and 1000 A.D. and is located on Third Mesa on the Hopi Reservation. In the 1800s, droughts in the area drove many other Hopi settlements to consolidate with others for survival. By 1890, it’s believed that as much as one-half of the Hopi population resided in the tiny village of Oraibi (called Orayvi by inhabitants).

The Oraibi village at that time was constructed of mud and stone dwellings, clustered together, even stacked on top of one another. Stairs and, more often, ladders were used to gain access to the upper floors. Not much is known about Oraibi village during the period, but a few photographs exist and they tell a fascinating story about life in this Hopi village between 1871 and 1907. The estimated population in 1890, the time period in which the following photos were taken, was 900 residents. The captions were taken from the source materials, primarily Library of Congress archived images. Take a rare look into the history of this still isolated village on the Hopi Reservation.

Visiting Oraibi offers a rare glimpse into the life and culture of generations of families that have lived here since at least 1000 A.D. It’s astounding the village even accepts visitors. Learn more about visiting Oraibi at this link. Guided tours are also offered. Have you been? We’d love to hear all about your visit, so keep the discussion going!

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