Sit back and relax while the Alaska Railroad does the driving through the wild Alaskan countryside. On this glass-top train in Alaska, you can gaze at the open summer skies, see wildlife, and enjoy mountain vistas, all while relaxing in the luxurious train seating. This is surely an adventure you’ll never forget.

Take an in-depth look at the Denali Star Train:

Get schedules and times for Alaska Railroad’s Denali Star Train with Goldstar Service on the railway’s website.

Have you been on a glass top train in Alaska? Tell us about it in the comments. While you’re in this lovely state, go on some road trips, and check out some of the best day trips in Alaska.

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Things To Do In Alaska

What are the most incredible natural attractions in Alaska?

The most incredible natural attractions in Alaska include:

  • Finger Mountain. Located in the arctic tundra, this is a granite rock formation that is a lone spire in the vastness of the tundra.
  • Lake Iliamna. This is a gigantic lake that is 77 miles long, 22 miles wide, and nearly 1000 feet deep with tiny villages scattered along its shores.
  • Shisaldin Volcano. Take a boat out to the Aleutian Islands to see this and other active volcanoes, each of which is a magnificent sight.
  • Afognak Island. The vibrant colors here are a stark contrast between the azure blue of the waters and the vivid green of the forests. 

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What are the best farmer's markets in Alaska?

The best farmer's markets in Alaska include:

  • The Center Market in Anchorage. This is the only year-round farmers market in the state and has local produce, live music, and real reindeer.
  • Soldotna Wednesday Market. Along with the food, this market has handcrafted jewelry, wood carvings, flowers, handmade knives, and more.
  • Farmers Fresh Market in Kenai Peninsula. This is the place to find some of the freshest produce in the state.
  • Anchorage Downtown Market & Festival. This is a huge market that runs from May to September and has all kinds of foods, crafts, and activities.

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What are the most beautiful hiking trails in Alaska?

The most beautiful hiking trails in Alaska include:

  • Perseverance Trail in Juneau. Take this trail over footbridges and boardwalks to scenic and lush forests that are simply stunning.
  • Indian River Trail in Sitka. This is an unbelievably gorgeous temperate rainforest with waterfalls and footbridges with ruching creeks and verdant trees.
  • Eagle River Nature Center. Walk the footbridges that hover above the wetlands that are full of wildlife and beautiful trees.
  • Triple Lakes Trail in Denali. This is one of the more strenuous hikes but the views are breathtaking and well worth the effort.

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