9 Out-of-This World Hikes In Alaska That Lead To Fairytale Foot Bridges

Alaska is covered in hiking trails, both officially maintained and the rustic type that the moose carve through the woods. Taking a walk on a trail is a perfect way to appreciate the wild beauty of Alaska for everyone. These trails take you to fairytale footbridges, dripping with charm and scenic views. There are options all over the state, so no matter what area you are in Alaska this weekend, look for a fun hike to try and experience the way Alaskans have summer fun.

7. Resurrection Creek Foot Bridge

In the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge near the Turnagain Arm, you’ll find the Resurrection Creek Footbridge. Watch the salmon run upstream from this vantage point in the late summer.

8. The Savage River Loop Trail Foot Bridge, Denali National Park

The simple wooden footbridge lies on this easy path along a river valley in Denali National Park. You’ll love this quick leg stretcher while on any road trip or a make a day of it with a picnic in Denali.


9. McCarthy Foot Bridge over the Kennicott River

You’ll love this enchanting footbridge that takes you from the parking area towards the town of McCarthy. The rushing Kennicott River below, the circle of mountains and glaciers surrounding, and the breeze make for a moment you’ll never forget.


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How many of these trails have you hiked? Tell us about it in the comments below.