This Abandoned Ghost Town In Alaska Is Downright Bone Chilling

On the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula, you’ll find Portlock, Alaska, a whole town that disappeared within the state, with only a few rotting houses left of the once-vibrant village. Although Aleut people have lived on the Southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula for thousands of years, no one had a settlement in the Portlock area until the 1780s.

This thriving town remained until everyone abandoned the village in 1950, with most residents moving to nearby villages down the coast. A mine tunnel, house pilings, and rusted cannery equipment are all that remain of Portlock.

So what happened in Portlock, Alaska?

According to local history, an unexplained hairy creature continuously assaulted and stalked the villagers, murdering them and leaving their bodies, until they finally all abandoned the area. Read on to learn more about the terrifying history of Portlock and the Portlock, Alaska murders.

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Have you been to Portlock, the whole town that disappeared in Alaska? Were you “bothered” by “something”? Is this someplace you would ever visit to explore, now that you know this bone-chilling piece of Portlock, Alaska history? Are there any other Alaskan ghost towns that you’ve visited? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Abandoned Ghost Town In Alaska

January 01, 2021

Are there many abandoned towns in Alaska?

Yes! There are many abandoned towns in Alaska that have been left to be reclaimed by the earth. After the gold rush, many booming small towns were abandoned as miners left to follow gold claims in other areas. This left plenty of villages that became what’s known as “ghost towns,” and they’re located all around the state.

Here is a list of some of the creepiest ghost towns in Alaska.

Are there a lot of haunted areas in Alaska?

There are a lot of haunted areas in Alaska. This state is huge, and the animals and terrain haven’t been fully explored. There are plenty of areas that have unexplained happenings in them, including tales of ghost stories or people that disappear.

You can even take a road trip to discover the most haunted places in Alaska.