The Northernmost City In The U.S. Is Located In Alaska, And It’s Dark For 65 Days A Year

Surrounded by the Chukchi Sea, Beaufort Sea and the Arctic Ocean, the northernmost town of Barrow is a place that is far, far away from the rest of the world. The only way in (or out) is by plane or boat and the extreme isolation can cause you to go stir crazy if you aren’t careful. In fact, when the sun goes beneath the horizon line for two months in the wintertime, you’ll have a hard time keeping track of time. Surviving the cold temps and extreme isolation is not easy and that is why living in Barrow is truly only for the toughest in the crowd.

For a closer look into what life is like living in the northernmost city in the United States, check out the short YouTube clip below from the ‘One Square Mile’ documentary. Do you think you could handle the isolation of living in Barrow?

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