Step Inside The Creepy, Abandoned Town Of Port Chatham In Alaska

In an area so pristine and picturesque, it’s hard to imagine that a place with a dark and sinister history would even exist. Well, it just so happens that Port Chatham on the Kenai Peninsula is the creepiest abandoned town in Alaska. In fact, most people wouldn’t go near this place even if you paid them to do so. With abundant reports of Bigfoot-like sightings and a history of dead bodies washing up on shore, sometimes it’s better to just leave some stones unturned.


If you want to visit more of the scariest places in Alaska, check out this haunted road trip that will lead you to some of the state’s most spooky spots. You might also enjoy the eerie story behind this haunted historic hotel in Anchorage.

Address: Port Chatham, Alaska, USA
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Creepiest Abandoned Town in Alaska

September 20, 2019

What other abandoned places are there in Alaska?

There are several incredible abandoned places in Alaska. The Buckner Building, located in Whittier, is a spooky place to visit. This structure once served as a U.S Military building, but was abandoned in 1966. According to rumor, the asbestos is so bad, the state can’t tear it down. You will definitely only want to look at this building from the outside. You’ll find another spooky abandoned house at Lowell Beach in Seward, Alaska. The origin of this creepy place is still a mystery, but the sight is eerily beautiful. Expansive mountains stand behind it, but the floorboards stand in disarray. To learn more about Alaska’a abandoned places, embark on this road trip.

Are there any hiking trails to abandoned places in Alaska?

Another fascinating abandoned place sits inside Independence Mine State Park in Hatcher Pass. In the 1930s and ‘40s, this area was a flourishing gold mining community. Of course, its days of glory were short lived. Today, all that remains are dilapidated buildings and ruins. Guests can explore the areas and walk among the educational trails.

What ghost towns can you find in Alaska?

There are many amazing ghost towns in Alaska. Portage, located in Whittier, is one of the best. This town was once a flourishing community, but on Good Friday in 1964, everything changed. That’s when the world’s second-largest earthquake struck. The disaster left the town in disarray. All that remains are decrepit buildings and spooky homes. If you loved visiting Portage, venture to Fort Egbert in Eagle, Alaska. This spot is not easy to get to, but it’s worth the effort. This fort was only in operation for 12 years, and today only 100 people live in the small town. Fort Edgbert’s citizens are dedicated to preserving the town’s unique history, and they have tons of stories to tell.

Address: Port Chatham, Alaska, USA