This Natural Phenomenon In Alaska Happens Just Once A Year And It’s Spectacular

Most people associate Alaska with huge towering mountains and glistening blue glaciers. As home to Denali, North America’s tallest mountain, that is a pretty accurate connection. However many are surprised to learn that nearly half of Alaska’s land is actually covered with tundra. Tundra is a treeless ecosystem in which the climate is generally very cold and thus the growing season is too short for trees to mature. If they try to grow, they are usually stunted.

Often times referred to as a “cold desert” – these areas that are lined with thick tundra have permafrost in the wintertime, thick brush in the summertime and brilliant red colors during the fall. The season for experiencing the stunning fiery colors of fall lasts only a few weeks, and it is right around the corner. The first few weeks of September are the most opportune time-frame for getting an up close and personal look at rural Alaska being painted red. It is mesmerizing!

If you are getting bummed that summer is ending and aren’t quite as excited as we are about fall, be sure to check out this beautiful footage below. It will leave you feeling awake, refreshed and totally stoked about the season to come!

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