The 10 Most Horrifying Natural Disasters That Ever Happened In Alaska

With the largest state in the nation, we count our blessings daily that we don’t have horrendous natural disasters that happen frequently. Luckily, they are pretty few and far between up here. Most common are earthquakes, tsunamis, tundra and forest fires, avalanches, flooding, volcanic eruptions and landslides. It’s the ripple effect that happens after a single natural disaster that causes multiple other types to collide all at once that is truly terrifying. Check out these 10 horrifying natural disasters that have happened in Alaska and get ready for a bone-chilling blast from the past.

Intrigued by Alaska history and heart wrenching disasters that left a mark on time? Check out these horrifying disasters in Alaska that include huge airplane crashes, oil spills and an unforgettable whaling disaster that left 33 ships abandoned in the freezing arctic.

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