We Dare You Not To Fall In Love With Juneau, Alaska After Watching This Incredible Video

Take a plane, boat or hop on a cruise ship and make your way up Alaska’s panhandle to the state capital of Juneau. Sitting at the base of the 3,819-foot Mt. Roberts is one of the most spectacular places in all of the last frontier.

Ranked as the third largest city in the last frontier, Juneau’s population of roughly 32,000 is actually quite small and relaxed in comparison to any sort of actual metropolitan area. And you know what? The locals love it that way. It’s not too busy, the natural wonders are overwhelmingly present and there are endless ways to escape the crowds (if you’re willing to get your boots a little dirty). This special place truly is a peaceful slice of Alaskan paradise.

Enjoy the many fantastic restaurants, fun shopping, warm hospitality, world-class fishing, glacier excursions and unlimited activity vendors. Or take the tramway up the mountain to enjoy a peaceful picnic or a full day of phenomenal hiking with views overlooking the Gastineau Channel.

What’s funny (and incredibly awesome at the same time) is that Juneau is only about 45 miles from end to end yet it has over 130 miles of hiking trails. Talk about a town that has their priorities in check! With that being said, be prepared to get (the best kind) of goosebumps as you watch this fantastic video and become completely enthralled with the most epic place in the last frontier.

No matter where your journey takes you in Juneau, we are sure that you’ll be so distracted by the undeniable beauty along the way that you’ll completely forget about your destination.

Are you in love with Southeast Alaska? If you said “yes” then GREAT, we have so much in common! We know you’ll love reading about why this one little town is Alaska’s best kept secret.

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