In Chugiak, you can take a bone chilling drive down Badarka Road in the woods of South Birchwood. The road is known to be haunted by a man and his daughter, who died a tragic death. Their ghosts and their cries can be heard from the road as long as you drive deep enough into the forest.

The sad tale of these two haunted spirits is one of the more popular ghost stories in Alaska. Though the actual location of Badarka Road is not on any map, you will find the unnamed gravel road leading into the woods out of town in South Birchwood. You can try to find the road and take a scary nighttime road trip, but read the ghost story first and then tell me if you’d dare!

About halfway down Bardarka Road, a father took his daughter to gather firewood for their cabin. The young girl was only five years old and hoping to help her father; she pulled his axe from the tree while he was resting, causing the tree to fall and kill her instantly. The father, filled with grief, sat in the snow for days holding her lifeless body until hypothermia took his own life. It is said if you travel down this road at 3:30 am you can catch a glimpse of the father holding his blood covered daughter deep in the woods along the road.

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