Everyone In Alaska Must Visit This Epic Waterfall As Soon As Possible

I know what you’re thinking, it’s winter and going to visit a waterfall doesn’t sound exactly exciting or feasible for that matter. But what you don’t realize is that you’re going to miss out on seeing this waterfall at one of its most enchanting points in time. Thunderbird Falls look like it could be straight out of a fairytale with a soft powdering of snow across the rocks surrounding the falls and ice freezing toward the center of the icy blue pool beneath it.

The falls is just a one-mile hike in from the Old Glenn Highway just outside of Eagle River. Since it’s wintertime, make sure you’re prepared with warm clothes and even snowshoes to make the trek easier if there has been recent snowfall. Keep an eye out for moose and keep your pets leashed while in the trailhead parking lot. The hike is easy and the view of the falls during this time of year is a sight to be seen so don’t forget your camera.

Isn’t this magical? Have you been to Thunderbird Falls in the winter?