13 Enchanting Spots In Alaska You Never Knew Existed

Some people don’t understand why anyone would want to live in a place as extreme as Alaska. They don’t get how the long, harsh winters and mosquito-filled summers can be tolerated by anyone but mountain men. What those people don’t realize is the magic that Alaska holds. The enchanting places and moments that exist here are only enjoyed by the lucky few…. Alaskans. Share with your friends and family these gorgeous, breathtaking moments that as an Alaskan you’re lucky to see every day! These lesser known places in Alaska are filled with wonder and enchantment.

Have you personally visited any of these lesser known places in Alaska? Which one did you visit?

Which shot do you find to be most spectacular? Let me know in the comments below.

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Lesser Known Places In Alaska

July 03, 2020

What is a hidden gem that you should see in Alaska?

Alaska has so many beautiful places, but some are in spots that only the locals know about. The remote area of Pasagshak Bay on Kodiak Island is a popular spot for locals, especially ones who know how to surf! You can only get to this beach by a long car ride, although you’ll drive through some beautiful scenery on Kodiak Island. You can even catch a glimpse of a whale or two while you munch on your picnic lunch and watch the surfers catch the waves.

What is the best month to visit Alaska?

It depends on what you’ve come to do. If you want to ski, snowboard, or snowshoe in the backcountry, make sure you’re heading out here in January or February. February is a great month for winter sports and activities because the aurora borealis is out, the days are much longer and sunnier, and the temperatures are slightly warmer. In the summer time June is a wonderful time to visit because the animals have just come out of hibernation and the weather is gorgeous. Around June 21st you’ll have summer solstice, which is a big holiday in this amazing state.

Address: Alaska, USA