Many people love to travel to Alaska in the summertime, but Alaskans know all about the magic you can find year-round in this awesome state. This video of winter in Alaska showcases all of the beautiful things we love: air so crisp and cold you can see the mountain’s sharp edges against a blue bird sky, trees covered in snow or hoar frost, and frozen lakes to play on. Winter in Alaska is otherworldly and incredibly special. It takes a special kind of person to live and thrive in the Last Frontier, but Alaskans love it!

This video takes you through some of Alaska’s most beautiful backcountry during the colder months. And even better, it’s shot in 4k on a drone, so you can see all the areas that are hard to reach when the snow levels get high. This video provides a peek into why Alaskans adore this cold season just as much as the summer. It’s hard to resist such a stunning backdrop, even with frigid temperatures and shorter days! When you can look out your window and see a landscape like this, who would ever leave?

Click on the link below to be taken on a whirling winter wonderland tour through the sky up above our beautiful state!

Have you ever seen this video of winter in Alaska? Do you know of other awesome drone videos we should watch? Throw the link in the comments below! We want to see everything you love about winter in Alaska!

What’s your favorite part about living in Alaska? We love playing outside, hiking and snowshoeing in mountains, and ice skating on frozen lakes. We also love a good aurora borealis watch, and snow machine out in fresh powder when we can. In fact, if you’re looking for some great spots to go to enjoy all that Alaska has to offer during our coldest season, then You Must Visit These 18 Awesome Places In Alaska This Winter.

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